5 Quick Tips for Office Cleaning


Keeping a clean office is no small task. A 40-hour work week means employees spend approximately 25% of their time in the office, making it impossible to leave things as clean as they started. But, there are simple steps you can take to maintain a hygienic workspace for as long as possible. 


I. Invest in Computer Cleaner


Computer Cleaner

Our hands are home to more bacteria than any other body part. As a result, keyboards are some of the germiest places in the office. Furthermore, many employees snack or eat lunch while working on their laptop. Factor in the grime that accumulates from occasionally touching the computer screen, and you’ll see our point: computers get dirty. 


Luckily, computer cleaner isn’t expensive. Chances are you won’t need more than a 2 oz bottle, which you can order for just $10 on Amazon. Despite this small investment, the payoff from using a clean computer is significant. With regular use, you’ll slow the spread of illness-causing bacteria, protect the longevity of your device, and create a cleaner, more effective work environment.





II. Keep Clorox Wipes Handy


Cleaning Wipes

Surfaces are ground zero for office grime. Desktops, conference tables, kitchen countertops, you name it. Chances are, these places take the hardest hit from daily use. That’s why we recommend keeping a pack of Clorox wipes handy – ideally, in a place that’s nearby and easy to access. 


The beauty of Clorox wipes is not only that they wipe up grime like nobody’s business – it’s also that they smell great, and they’re easy to use. Most surface cleaners require use of a rag, which then needs to be washed. Clorox wipes are perfect because you can simply throw the wipe away after use, letting your team get back to work in no time. 







III. Schedule a Time to Clean


In communal spaces, like offices, it’s not always clear what should be disposed of. Overpacked fridges, coat closets, and supplies bins all pose this challenge. The solution? A group clean.


You may only need to schedule these once a month, and you may be done in ten minutes. But setting aside time to determine which items can be tossed, taken home, or kept will likely save your team some sanity on a day-to-day basis.




IV. Invest in Personal Trash Bins


Trash Can

We’ve all seen it: the wrapper that gets left on someone’s desk, forgotten for weeks before finally being disposed. Maybe it’s not the end of the world, but leaving trash out – even if in one’s personal space – can take a toll on the overall cleanliness of the office. Particularly if clients or business partners visit the office, it’s preferable to have all waste cleared and out of sight. 


Personal trash bins make it easier to keep desk areas free of trash. As long as they’re emptied regularly, they can be a great solution for teams that are prone to snacking or using lots of sticky notes. 







V. Know When It’s Time to Outsource


Cleaning Supply

The tips we’ve suggested are great for making small, noticeable improvements to the cleanliness of your office. But if you can’t handle the volume of cleaning needed, it might be time to find an office cleaning service. 


Operating in an excessively unclean environment can be, at best, harmful to productivity. At worst, it can be unhealthy. Protect your team’s morale, efficiency, and health by investing in a cleaning company if you’re consistently overwhelmed by the amount of cleaning required. 





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