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Mount RainierAt American Building Services, Inc. (ABS) we have janitorial and commercial office cleaning service experience in a variety of industries, each with their own unique operating requirements. We’re happy to work with you to find a custom cleaning plan that fits your needs and budget. From commercial and industrial, to retail and medical/dental facilities, we understand your janitorial and office cleaning requirements.

ABS is committed to providing our customers and our staff with a clean, safe, and healthy environment in which to work. We recognize that this is the right and responsibility of every customer and ABS staff member. It is our belief that accidents are preventable if safety awareness is made an integral part of daily activities. At American Building Services, we seek to provide you with the highest quality experience for all of your commercial cleaning needs.

We provide services to all of the following clients:

Government Facilities

  • Municipalities
  • Government Centers
  • Postal Facilities
  • Libraries


  • Food Processing
  • Production Areas
  • Research & Development


  • Manufacturing
  • R&D Facilities
  • Distribution

Commercial Cleaning

  • Office Buildings
  • Corporate
  • Headquarters
  • Commercial Multi-tenant


  • Industrial Facilities
  • Auto Facilities
  • Parts Facilities
  • Aerospace Facilities


  • Branch Locations
  • Data Centers

High Tech

  • Manufacturing
  • R&D Facilities
  • Semiconductor
  • Software
  • GPS


  • Shopping Malls
  • Supermarkets
  • Department Stores
  • Auto Dealerships

Service Industry

  • Hair Salons


  • Universities/Colleges
  • Public/Private K-12


  • Medical/dental Centers
  • Health Care Offices

Public Venues

  • Community Centers
  • Museums
  • Arenas
  • Stadiums
  • Religious Institutions


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