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Janitorial Services and Commercial Office Cleaning

There’s much more to janitorial services and commercial office cleaning than maintaining a clean property. Presenting a clean facility to your clients is key to your success. Of equal importance, is providing a healthy & safe work environment for your employees.

American Building Services, Inc. (ABS) provides clients with a full range of services, based on their individual needs and schedule. Some of the services on our standard specifications schedule include:

  • Cleaning entrance door glass, frames and handles
  • Trash and recycling collection and removal
  • Dusting and sanitizing/disinfecting surfaces
  • Sweeping/dust and wet mopping hard-surface floors
  • Vacuuming carpeted areas
  • Spot cleaning walls and switch plate covers
  • Kitchen cleaning and disinfecting
  • Restroom cleaning and disinfecting
  • Supply management and inventory control

In response to Covid-19 and in an effort to adhere to CDC guidelines, we have put in place added protocols, including using only EPA registered disinfectants and focusing on high-frequency touch surfaces like:

  • Door knobs, handles and stainless-steel plates for door function
  • Light switches, thermostats and alarm panels
  • Handrails
  • Elevator buttons
  • Horizontal surfaces ie. desks, counters, tables, and tops of partitions
  • Office equipment ie. telephones, keyboards, mouse devices, printer and copier control panels
  • Lunch/breakroom sink fixtures, dispensers, counters, tables, chairs, and appliance exteriors
  • Restroom sink fixtures, dispensers, toilets, toilet seats, urinals, and stall doors


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