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Concrete Cleaning Sealing - Kent
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One of our major specialties is concrete floor cleaning, scrubbing, and sealing. We use state of the art equipment and materials to provide the results that will showcase your building or project. With our experience in the industrial and commercial concrete floor cleaning and sealing business, American Building Services, Inc. has become a strong source for local contractors, property owners, and managers in the greater Seattle area.

Our concrete floor cleaning services start off with our arrival at your facility where we begin by removing debris by vacuuming and sweeping. We then start preparing the floors for a total wet scrub by using bio-degradable scrubbing solutions and degreasing agents on the floors as needed. The floors are then scrubbed multiple times with specialized floor scrubbing equipment. The floors are left in an almost dry condition to not affect any packaging, stock, or pallets on the flooring. The floors are completely dry within about a half hour. A sealer or coating of your choice can then be applied, but is of course optional.

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Our Services Include

  • Power scrubbing with propane walk-behind and ride-on scrubbers
  • Pressure washing, steam cleaning and chemical degreasing
  • Dust-proofing sealer and penetrating application — acrylics and specialized resins
  • Floor coating and adhesive removal — physical or biodegradable chemical methods
  • Paint line and tape line removal
  • Computer room sub-flooring sealing
  • Post-construction cleanups

Concrete Cleaning Sealing - South Seattle

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