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Our Lead Team

Eric Shoopman, Owner/President

Eric started American Building Services, Inc. (ABS) in 1993, while he was developing investment properties, as a way to supplement income and support a growing family. As an owner/operator, Eric was responsible for every aspect of business development and administration, as well as servicing the majority of the accounts on evenings and weekends, after normal business hours. Over the next several years, Eric began adding technicians to keep up with the increasing demand for services, growing the company to a workforce of 35+ today. He maintains an open channel of communication with many of our clients and crews and performs periodic inspections to maintain an understanding of our clients’ on-going building maintenance needs.

In 2012, Eric added a subsidiary to ABS called ConcreteScrub. ConcreteScrub has become a strong source for local businesses, contractors, property owners, and managers throughout the greater Puget Sound area. ConcreteScrub provides complete concrete floor cleaning, grinding and polishing, adhesive and mastic removal, repair, and sealing services. Eric is responsible for sales and marketing and overall project scheduling and management.


Dawn Shoopman, Owner/Managing Partner

Dawn joined the daily operations of ABS in 2011. Prior to that, her background was in business management and marketing. After working in that capacity for a Seattle-based architectural firm for several years, she took some time off to manage her household and raise two boys. During this time, she assisted Eric in his business roles and participated in servicing accounts, as needed. Since 2011, Dawn has acted as Managing Partner, responsible for sales and marketing, recruiting and hiring workforce, and administration and accounting functions. She also participates in routine inspections and will often visit a site and work along-side the crew to maintain a hands-on knowledge of any challenges our crew may experience and ensure we are working to meet our customers’ expectations. She has always enjoyed customer relations and forming long-term, working relationships with clients.


William Wilson, Crew Lead/Technician

William (Will) joined ABS as a carpet cleaning and floor care technician in 2010. He currently manages our carpet cleaning and hard-surface floor care schedules and crews, performs routine account inspections, services a sizable route of on-going janitorial accounts, and manages the inventory of client’s consumables supplies, including ordering, delivery, and stocking. Prior to joining ABS, Will worked in the floor care/specialty coverings installation and maintenance industry for 25 years. His responsibilities included project management and planning services, and sales and installation of commercial finish materials.


Jordan Wilson, Crew Lead/Technician

Jordan’s responsibilities include managing and servicing janitorial routes, as well as managing carpet cleaning and hard-surface floor care projects and crews. He joined ABS in 2009, just out of high school, working as a technician. In that time, Jordan has a proven track record in quality of service, dependability, and consistency. He has an eye for detail and always goes the extra mile to leave your facility orderly and ready for business when you return.


Kimberly Scott, Window Cleaning Lead/Technician

Kimberly has been responsible for making ABS clients’ windows sparkle for three years. She participates in the calculating and bidding process, and schedules and manages the window cleaning projects. Prior to joining ABS, she worked in the window cleaning industry for seven years.


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